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We understand that your child requires an environment to thrive and become the best version of themselves. Essential to your child’s journey at Embracia Childcare and Kindergarten, is the family of qualified and passionate childcare educators that support, care for, and inspire your child every day.   

Our educators create an environment for our children that emulates an enchanting oasis. Our team focus on supporting your child to thrive in all areas of their physical and mental wellbeing as well as their personal development. 

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Our Leaders

Sarah Mackenzie - Managing Director

Sarah is the Managing Director of Embracia Group, including Embracia Aged Care, Embracia Education and Embracia Childcare and Kindergarten. Growing up in her family-owned aged care facility, caring for others is engrained in Sarah. As a health care and aged care specialist, Sarah has extensive experience and knowledge in leadership, HR, team development, change management and team empowerment.

Felcicity - Centre Director

Felicity Forshaw - Centre Director

We welcome our very own Felicity to the role of Centre Director. Felicity has been with us since the beginning and helped set up our Centre before any child came through our doors. Felicity is mother hen to all our Educators and also an absolute favourite to so many of our children. Felicity has been Room Leader of Narrang, but also has been heavily involved with the kids in Budja and Wimbi. Felicity has more than 20 years of child care experience as well as being a mum to three children of her own. She is a local of Macedon Ranges and we believe she is the perfect fit to work with Courtney and our team to bring the best outcomes for our children and our staff. Felicity is one who leads by example, she always puts her hand up for the child that needs the most attention on any particular day and works brilliantly alongside our educators to support and mentor them. Put simply, Felicity is a doer and we know she will help get things done and assist to grow and improve our service every day.

Courtney - Assistant Manager

Courtney Walker - Assistant Manager

Originally from the United Kingdom, Courtney’s journey in the field of business administration began at PGL, where she started as a catering assistant. Her dedication and talent quickly led her to assume the role of a catering manager, where she honed her organisational and managerial skills.

Passionate about providing exceptional support and fostering a warm and welcoming environment, Courtney is eager to ensure that each family’s journey with us is filled with happy memories. A Kyneton local, Courtneys drive and know-how makes her a one stop shop for all things in our service.

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