3 Year Old Kinder

About our 3 Year Old Kindergarten

The Embracia 3 Year Old Kinder program is developed by a Bachelor Qualified Kindergarten Teacher to give your child the best start in life.

Our 3 Year Old Kinder program is run within our centre during daycare hours. There is no extra cost to you to enrol your child in this program, it is simply incorporated into your child’s daily daycare routine to ensure your child can become the best version of themselves.

We believe, and studies have shown, that engaging children in a 3 Year Old Kinder program helps children develop better cognitive and social skills needed for when they start school.  Our kinder program helps children form a sound understanding of language, pre-reading, early number concepts, non-verbal reasoning, independence, concentration and social skills.

Studies have also shown that children who participate in 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kinder have higher exam scores when they are 16 years old and better social and emotional outcomes when they are teenagers. They are also more likely to go onto higher academic study.

Victorian Government Approved Kindergarten
3 Year Old Kinder

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3 Year Old Kinder