Safe Sleep & Rest

Safe Sleep & Rest at Embracia

Sleep is the foundation for how we learn and grow, and is vital for a child’s development. Sleep is especially important in early education and care programs. Early educators provide a balance between play, learning, sleep and rest. Ensuring each child  receives adequate and age-appropriate sleep opportunities throughout their day is important to us 

Toddler sound asleep with comfort teddy toy.
Safe Sleep Practices At Embracia

Safe Sleep Environment

Educators, management, and staff all have a part to play in ensuring a safe sleep environment while at our service. Red Nose Australia is a leading authority on safe sleep and sleep hygiene for kids, along with the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) who ensure all childcare centres have a specific and sound sleep and rest policy. 

Safe Sleep Practices

At Embracia we  provide a calming and comfortable sleep environment, with the use of lighting, music and relaxing activities before rest time. Each of our staff are trained in safe sleep practices that are age and developmentally appropriate and follow Embracia’s policy on Sleep and rest. Children and babies will always be within sight and hearing distance, babies slept on their back, without excessive bedding and clothing. Sleep and rest throughout the day is not only vital for development but teaches important skills in settling.   

We understand each child is different and will tailor sleep according to their needs. Routine is important, and we consider what happens at home, requests, and develop a working relationship with parents on what works best for each child. If your child has two naps a day at home, we will safely do the same. 

If children are having difficulty sleeping or have elected not to, quiet time and rest will be encouraged. There are strategies at home and in care that educators and parents can discuss together, to make sure your little one is getting enough rest. For older children in Kinder years rest and quiet time will be a part of their daily learning program. This could include listening to music or reading a picture book.  

Our Role

Children in childcare need sleep for their health and wellbeing. It is our role to make sure there are safe and aged appropriate opportunities for sleep, rest and relaxation. These need to meet each child’s needs, cultural considerations and preferences. We understand the importance of sleep and enjoy creating a calming environment that helps children slow down throughout their active day.  

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