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Daily Life At Embracia Childcare & Kindergarten

Embracia Childcare & Kindergarten provides ample learning and play opportunities so your little one can thrive. We have a strong focus on community and special interest in fostering each child as an individual.

Your child’s wellbeing is the most important, and we strive to create a naturing and fun-focused environment. Find out what parents and children can expect day-to-day at our centre.

Embracia Childcare

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The first-time attending childcare can be daunting for both children and their parents. Orientation acts as a bridge for children to explore their new environment while family members are there. Our goal is to make the transition to care as smooth as possible. And ensure we work in partnership with families and support children to grow.

Safe Sleep & Rest

Sleep is the foundation for how we learn and grow and is vital for a child’s development. Sleep is especially important in early education and care programs. Early educators provide a balance between play, learning, sleep and rest. Each child in care needs to receive adequate and age-appropriate sleep opportunities throughout their day.

Little girl enjoys plate of fruit

Healthy Eating

Embracia Childcare & Kindergarten provides a delicious and varied menu that promotes healthy eating and a joy of food. The meals provided are age appropriate and nutritionally balanced. Our menu is seasonal and uses locally grown produce to support each child’s development during mealtimes.

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