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About our Childcare

Embracia Childcare and Kindergarten delivers long daycare services for children aged 6 weeks up to preschool age (6 years) from 7.00am – 6.00pm. Our brand-new childcare centre is located in picturesque Kyneton and purpose built with the community and your whole family in mind. Located at the Old Kyneton Hospital site, our centre opened in August 2023. 

We keep our age groups close in each room to ensure all our children have the opportunity to engage with children their own age. We utilise our larger outdoor play spaces to allow children to play with children in wider age groups. This helps encourage social skills as well as to assist children to mirror the fine motor and gross motor skills of older children.

We have an inclusive culture, including a wide range of cultural events throughout the year to help inspire and educate our children that diversity is something to be celebrated.

Kyneton Childcare


During a child’s early development, it is crucial to provide a nurturing, comforting, and secure environment. That’s why our nursery spaces are thoughtfully designed, ensuring sustainability and offering sensory-rich resources, outdoor play areas, and dedicated cot spaces for much-needed rest times.


As toddlers explore and learn to express themselves, we actively support their development through child-led learning. Our approach involves offering a diverse range of resources and dedicated spaces that foster creativity in various ways such as construction, music, craft, literacy, science, and technology. To keep our children constantly engaged and to encourage exploration of their interests, we regularly update and expand our learning spaces, allowing them to advance their own learning and development.


We have a team of dedicated Bachelor Qualified Kindergarten Teachers who have thoughtfully designed our program. The main objective is to prepare your child for significant developmental milestones and ensure they are ready for school. Within our kindergarten, students learn essential structured routines while also honing their social and emotional skills, which are invaluable for their educational journey ahead.

Our unique and enriching curriculum includes programs like ‘Togetherness with the Elderly,’  and incorporates Aboriginal heritage, nature, and community.


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