Childcare Apps

Apps for Parents

Whether it’s sharing cherished moments or staying on top of your bookings and payments, Embracia empowers parents by using the latest software for an enriching, seamless, and engaging experience at our centre.

We use two exceptional applications that cater to your needs in distinct yet complementary ways: Story Park & KT Connect.

Kangarootime App

KT Connect is an application designed specifically for parents & guardians to view your account balance, make casual bookings, and check in and out. 

To Download the App, head to your App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Search Kangarootime and a series of apps will appear. The app you’ll want to download is called KT Connect, it looks like this with a purple kangaroo.

Screenshot of KT Connect in App Store

Storypark Account

Storypark is an easy-to-use private online service that helps teachers, parents and families work together to record, share and extend children’s learning. 

You can capture a child’s development by posting photos, videos, stories, moments, notes and responses.

Parents will receive an invitation to setup their account once their child is enrolled at our service. Already have an account? You can go to anytime in your browser and click the ‘Log in’ button at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can download the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app today and log in using your Storypark account.

Storypark App preview
FAQs & Contacts

Families can access additional help for both the KT Connect App and their Storypark desktop and mobile account.


For help with Storypark simply go to the Help section for more information and advice.

You can email Storypark for help at or call 1800 225 147.

KT Connect

For extra help or instruction on the KT Connect App simply go to their Parent Resources section.

For additional questions, please contact support 

Please contact the Embracia Childcare & Kindergarten Team with any questions regarding initial account setup and how we use the apps in our service. 

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