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Child Care Subsidy

The Australian Government offers different levels of financial assistance for families to help cover the cost of childcare. The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the amount the government pays towards your childcare costs on a fortnightly basis. How much the government contributes is based on things like family income, activity level, the type of childcare and your child’s age, and the number of children you have.

The subsidy will be paid directly to your childcare provider, based on attendance records per fortnight. You will pay any difference between the actual fee you are charged and the subsidy that is paid on your behalf.

You can make a claim for CCS any time on Centrelink Online through your My Gov services account or the Centrelink & MyGov App. 

Changes to the CCS

From the 10th of July 2023, your CCS amount will change. Most families using childcare services will receive a larger subsidy, while some families previously not eligible for the CCS will be able to apply. Broadly, changes are:


      • The maximum amount of CCS is increasing from 85% to 90%.
      • Families earning $80,000 or less will get a CCS rate of 90%.
      • Families earning over $80,000 get a CCS rate that tapers down by 1 percentage point for each $5,000 of family income. This rate reaches 0% for families earning $530,000.
      • Families with more than one child aged 5 or under in care can still get a higher rate for their second and younger children.

If you already receive a CCS, you won’t have to reapply. Once the changes come into effect, they will be automatically applied to your subsidy amount.

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