Celebrate Safe Sleep and Rest This March

Mar 23, 2023

Baby sleeping in cot on back.

The 1st of March was Baby Sleep Day, which promotes the importance of healthy sleep for babies and parents.

Sleep is the foundation for how we learn and grow, it’s vital for a baby’s development, growth, learning and immune system. Poor sleep for parents can affect your focus, attention span, mental health and energy levels.

It’s no surprise that a lack of sleep is common for new parents, but there are steps and support available to help get a better night’s rest. It’s also a great opportunity to understand what sleep means for your baby and why it’s so important. Better yet, Safe Sleep Day is a reminder for parents that you are not alone!

Your Babies Sleep Schedule

According to the Paediatric Sleep Council for the first two months your newborn will sleep anywhere between 14-17 hours a day for short periods. Waking up multiple times in the night with no regular sleep pattern.

Parents often lose a lot of sleep around this time – remind yourself this is normal, and your baby should naturally establish a better routine as they get older. Although your child is an individual and their habits will be unique and change as they grow and develop. The Paediatric Sleep Council has created some general guidelines for what to expect in the first year.

Infographic on sleep stages for infants

Tips for New Parents

There is a collective exhaustion among new parents, who battle to find the right sleep routines and feeding schedules. Most experts agree that cultivating positive sleep habits early on holds the key to success.

Healthy habits include setting a consistent routine for sleep from a young age like you would for a toddler. Alongside sleep training your baby so they can self soothe and are less likely to wake up in the night.

Other tips for healthy sleep include:

  • Play activities outside in the day and in sunlight when your baby is most alert.
  • Do slower and calmer activities indoors towards the end of the day.
  • Stick to routine throughout the day.
  • Create a calming and consistent sleep environment and block out light to encourage your baby to sleep.
  • Establish regular behaviours like bathing or story time before bed.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s important for parents to get adequate sleep and practice self-care as well. Routine will assist with your own sleep schedule. Make sure to take naps with your child instead of doing chores if you’re feeling tired. Take the time to do some gentle exercise or go for a walk. The first year is challenging but remember to be kind to yourself and reach out for help if you need it.

Safe Sleep and Rest Week

Safe Sleep Week was held between the 6 – 12 of March and provides practical advice for parents, educators and health professionals on safe sleep and how to prevent harm. Topics this year included:

  • Always sleep baby on their back
  • Why baby’s head and face should be uncovered during sleep
  • How to create a safe sleep environment
  • How health professionals can better communicate with families around the Six Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Breastfeeding and its benefits.

Sleep week is an amazing initiative that educates everyone and provides safe sleeping tips. Take a look at this years resources to ensure a safe and cozy environment for your little one.

Embracia childcare and Kindergarten is committed to providing a safe sleep environment for all children. Our Safe Sleep and Rest policy is based on current research and guidelines, we take into account family requests and individual needs.