Introducing Courtney – Business Admin Extraordinaire

Jul 18, 2023

Childcare Cook Courtney

Introducing Courtney, our new Business Administrator! With a strong background in catering, hospitality, and customer service. She brings a diverse skill set to our centre, ensuring smooth operations and excellent service for both parents and children.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Courtney’s journey in the field of business administration began at PGL, where she started as a catering assistant. Her dedication and talent quickly led her to assume the role of a catering manager, where she honed her organisational and managerial skills.

After taking a break to focus on raising her son, Courtney returned to work as a Cook for a family-run childcare facility. For a year and a half, she loved contributing to the efficient functioning of the centre and ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

This was until an unmissable opportunity to move to Australia with her partner arose. Courtney and her young son booked a one-way flight and haven’t looked back. Since then, Courtney has given birth to another daughter who will be attending the centre with her each day.

Passionate about providing exceptional support and fostering a warm and welcoming environment, Courtney is eager to ensure that each family’s journey with us is filled with happy memories.

Courtney is now a Kyneton local and lives only short walk away from the childcare centre with her partner, their wonderful 11-year-old son Alfie, their adorable 2-year-old daughter Isla, and their beloved furry companion. Courtney is repsonsible for planning our seasonal meal menus; you can find Courtney’s sample menu below and more about mealtimes at the centre on our Healthy Eating page.

We are delighted to have Courtney as our Business Administrator, and we look forward to the positive impact she will make at Embracia Childcare.

Sample Winter Menu