National Families Week May 15 – May 21

May 15, 2023

Two women sit with child on couch.

 Living real, dreaming Big! 

National Families Week is an annual celebration in Australia that recognises the importance of families in the community. Families Week is celebrated every year from May 15 to May 21, and in 2023, the theme is Living real, Dreaming Big. 

Building Resilience  

Living Real and Dreaming Big encourages families to embrace their unique qualities and to work towards achieving their dreams through resilience. By understanding the nuances of real family dynamics and challenges. We can find practical approaches to build strong and supportive community and family networks.  

We want to acknowledge the diverse nature of families in Australia, the distinct challenges they face and reflect on the role of families in our lives.  

This week is a time for families to reflect on their strengths and significance, contact extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community.   

What does Living Real and Dreaming Big mean? 

Living Real promotes some of the practical strategies and resources available to foster resilience in individuals, in families and in communities. Head to the National Families Week resources page for more information and links to services. 

Dreaming Big is a celebration of family, and firmly places resilience as a central building block of individual and community wellbeing.  

To mark National Families Week 2023, Families Australia will host an online event series showcasing diverse families and community leaders. Hear positive and uplifting stories of family resilience, renewal, and reinvention in the Celebrating Families Speaker Series 2023.  

Resources for Families 

There are various resources and events happening for families and friends during the week. Including workshops, guest speakers and activities. These resources aim to provide families with the tools they need to build stronger and healthier relationships.  

National Families Week is not only a time for families to come together, but it is also a time for the wider community to show their support. You can find an event in your local area here : Find an Event – National Families Week.